The Farm

Look around and all you see is beauty. Look below, mind blown.


There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of St. Jerome Creek. That’s okay with us. Because that means it hasn’t been overpopulated, overdeveloped, over-anythinged.

Here our farm sits. Nestled in this picture-perfect, remote enclave of the Chesapeake in southern Maryland. It’s special. Actually, it’s beyond special when you consider what we’re doing below the surface.

Locals knew of these wondrous eco-conditions hundreds of years before we did. In the late 1800s researchers found that St. Jerome Creek—a broad but shallow lagoon—is an ideal site for oyster breeding. And boy, does that stand true today.

  • There's something in the water here...


‘Oysters of excellent quality abound.’

We could go on and on about the beautifully brackish waters of St. Jerome that give our oysters their unique flavor. Or how there were no oysters when we got here seven years ago. Zero. Now, at any given time, we have more than 5,000,000 in the water - all responsibly and sustainably harvested. They provide critical habitat for the surrounding ecosystem.

Or we can put it like this: our water is damn-near perfect. Our process is meticulous. Our people take their craft seriously, but very little else. Those three things together? When it comes to oysters, that’s as good as it gets.

Want to know more about the science behind what we do? Or maybe you’d rather just pop a few Skinny Dippers or Huckleberries and experience it firsthand? Either way, come visit us. We’ll show you how amazing our farm is, and we’ll eat the best oysters on the Chesapeake. Win-win.