Skinny Dipper Oysters

Skinny Dipper Oysters

Meet our pride and joy. It’s a little salty, a lot sexy and the most fun you’ll have with any oyster out there.

Available via FedEx overnight delivery straight from our farm to your doorstep beginning Fall 2018.

Don't forget, you can always stop by your neighborhood Whole Foods Market to pick up fresh Skinny Dippers! 

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  • “I love shucking Skinny Dippers - they open clean and easy every time.”

  • “No raw bar is complete without a True Chesapeake oyster.”

  • “The quintessential Chesapeake Bay oyster.”

  • “A uniquely clean soft-salt taste unmatched by any other oyster in the world.”

Clean, deep cups

Plump, buttery meat

a Shucker's dream

Unique soft-salt flavor

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Want to hear the greatest sounds in the world? Crack, slurp, “ahh”. In that order.


Steamed. Roasted. Fried. However you do it, you’ll be happy you did.