Huckleberry Oysters

Huckleberry Oysters

They say wonderful, delicious things come in small shells. Boy, do we have a treat for you.

Available via FedEx overnight delivery straight from our farm to your doorstep beginning Fall 2018.

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  • “I love shucking Skinny Dippers - they open clean and easy every time.”

  • “No raw bar is complete without a True Chesapeake oyster.”

  • “The quintessential Chesapeake Bay oyster.”

  • “A uniquely clean soft-salt taste unmatched by any other oyster in the world.”

Petite yet plump

Refreshing "iceberg finish"

A Chesapeake cocktail oyster

Crisp, clean and bright

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Want to hear the greatest sounds in the world? Crack, slurp, “ahh”. In that order.


Steamed. Roasted. Fried. However you do it, you’ll be happy you did.